DC Drive Modernization

Just because your DC crane looks like it was built when phones had rotary dials doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest in an entirely new crane. It does mean the time has come to upgrade its “brain”.

How can your facility improve with a digital DC drive upgrade?

  • Eliminate the need for speed control resistors and reversing contactors, saving valuable space along with reduced complexity
  • A digital microprocessor controls motor speed, enabling smooth acceleration & deceleration
  • Repeatable and accurate speed settings allow for precise load positioning, down to 5% speed regulation
  • Reduced cycle time with faster light-load speeds; the Micro-Speed™ feature allows for even finer speed control
  • Solid-state design means fewer components, and modular construction means easy installation; replacing parts and circuit boards is quick and easy
  • Built-in diagnostics help troubleshoot crane performance and keep your crane up and running
  • Free service & support is available 24/7
  • The simple parameter structure is very similar to our IMPULSE AC drives, and the DataLogger Series 4 keypad is standard. If you’re comfortable with our AC drives, the OmniPulse DDC-S2 is seamless


This microprocessor-based, solid-state, four-quadrant DC-to-DC control is designed for series, shunt, or compound wound motors. It eliminates hazardous and high-maintenance contactor controls, reducing energy expenses and maximizing efficiency. The OmniPulse DDC Series 2 is also ideal for a drop-in drive replacement swap; a common choice for modernization.

Upgrade your drives, machine room, energy bills, and your tech & mechanical capabilities to the 21st century and beyond.

Your crane system might be under a lot of stress, but you don’t have to be. DC Drive modernization will help keep your production on track and your costs down. Your local Magnetek Material Handling Sales Representative is there to explain the advantages and assist with the modernization process.

The OmniPulse DDC Series 2 is the smart choice in crane control that will pay dividends and provide your facility with a competitive advantage for years to come. Your crane controls may have been installed a long way back, but there’s no reason your productivity should be stuck in the past.

Reach out or call Magnetek directly at 1-800-288-8178. And don’t forget; our products are backed by Magnetek’s superior application expertise and aftermarket support—available 24/7, 365 days a year.


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