Flexibility Goes Hand-in-Hand with Innovation for Magnetek’s Wireless Controls

Magnetek was challenged with creating a wireless control system for Summit Truck Bodies’ service and maintenance truck cranes. Original crane controls on Summit trucks experienced reliability issues and insufficient battery life, resulting in unstable operations and potentially unsafe working conditions. In evaluating the performance issues, Magnetek was able to adapt our own designs to best suit the needs of the application.

We first supplied ergonomically styled pistol-grip PGT transmitters to replace the poorly functioning wireless systems. Simultaneously, Magnetek began developing a smaller, “mini” product that could easily be integrated into Summit’s truck control systems. Two Mini-PGT transmitter models were designed for these truck applications: a primary control package and a retrofit control package.

The primary Mini-PGT design, packaged with Magnetek’s CAN-2 receivers, interfaced directly with the trucks’ computer systems and communicated radio data through its control module and sensors. Compared to the original systems, Magnetek’s wireless controls enabled precision movement by inches rather than the previous inexact margins.

Paired with our MHR radio controllers, the retrofit Mini-PGT reduced dependence on cables and enhanced flexibility in the work area. Operators were able to move more freely around the trucks, improve sightlines, and were no longer limited to a particular distance, which removed them from potentially hazardous environments.

Advancements in technology ensure that Magnetek wireless controls are able to meet the needs of almost any application—from the simplest of operations to the most complex. Magnetek and Summit continue to collaborate and develop the most efficient, flexible wireless truck crane control systems.

For more information about Magnetek’s portfolio of wireless control systems, visit www.magnetekmobilehydraulic.com.

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